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Class Work Resources

Class Resources: 
As we learn new math topics together, the students will each be building their own interactive notebook. This year, your student's interactive notebook will be in a digital format on their Math Google Classroom and Math section of the 5th-grade website. This serves as a type of textbook for each student that they create and can understand. If your child expresses they are unsure of how to complete a certain math skill, this would be a great resource for them to refer to. 
Class Kick:
Each day during our math lessons, students will be using the Class Kick website. This will allow students to access and interact with lesson materials in a socially distanced learning environment. 
Google Classroom: 
Additional resources and learning activities will be linked in your child's google classroom as well. Students should navigate to the "classwork tab" in each of their google classrooms to find their posted materials. Students should log in using their school email and password
This year we will be using the new Summit Learning Platform. This platform houses the 5th-grade curriculum and a Self-Directed Learning platform. Students will use this website to complete self-guided learning activities that support the skills they are learning during math class. Students should log in using their school email and password. 
This link will bring you to some more websites that your student may be using during their school day.