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Sixth Grade Expectations

See the document above to review 6th grade class expectation and other important classroom information.  

Classroom and School Rules Contract 

6th Grade

I pledge to follow all classroom and school rules as stated by my school and teachers. I will be respectful, responsible, and ready in all areas of the school community.  I understand that rules are in place so that our school can be a safe and orderly learning environment geared towards student success.  I understand that if I do not follow classroom and school rules there will be consequences for my actions.


Our Classroom Rules

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Ready

Complete my work on time and do your best.

Listen to adults.

Have materials ready.

Be an active learner.

Raise hand and wait to be called on to speak.

Have materials organized.

Ask for help when needed.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Be on time.

Use materials appropriately.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Clean up after myself.

Allow others to learn


All chair legs on the floor.

Cooperate with others.


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6th Grade Homework Policy

The sixth grade teachers will be working together as a team to plan, team teach, and differentiate instruction for our students.  Students could have homework in various subject areas each night.  We have outlined some beliefs and expectations for homework below.

-  We believe homework is an important key to success and academic achievement.

- We believe homework should be used as a tool to reinforce skills that have already been taught in class.

- We believe homework helps teach responsibility, an important skill in life and  future careers. 

- We believe when parents assist students with their homework, they are helping their child improve their


- It is expected that all homework assignments are turned in on the due date. 

- It is expected that late or incomplete homework must be accompanied by a parent note, email, or phone call,

explaining why the homework is not complete.